The peaceful universe of Esprits

Why do leaves change color in autumn? Why do sparks leave the fire and fly to the stars?

(Re)discovering nature

Like the hidden face of our everyday world, the spirit world is not so different from ours.

Dirt roads, rows of trees, stones in the undergrowth, stars in the sky…

Our nature and that of the spirits are the same.

But those who inhabit this world are the artisans: they transform the earth into stone, make the trees grow, blow on the stars to make them spin… They hide behind all the cycles of nature.

Stories through the seasons

This universe is available in multiple digital formats: an interactive storytelling game takes you on the trail of Omu, a star shaman, and a podcast follows Emilie’s adventures in a forest filled with curious spirits.

Like nature, the universe of Esprits changes with the seasons. With each change of season, stories are added to the app and the podcast, offering an ever-expanding playground for the young reader.

Learn about the Storyteller

“The wisest among us are the ones who know how to read the bird songs in the ocean of stories the wind carries.”

Encyclopaedia Esprits, TEMPETUEUX

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