Au Bout du village

The perfect podcast to accompany you in learning French

Au Bout du village, at the end of a small town, there is a forest from which no one has ever returned. There is talk of monsters lurking in the shadows of the undergrowth.

One day, Emilie is pushed towards the forest and discovers, against all odds, a wonderful world full of curious spirits.


But who are all these beings that populate the stories and landscapes of the world of Spirits?

A podcast to develop your poetic imagination

“A light and organic atmosphere.” Le Ligueur.

Au Bout du village is a sound fiction in eight episodes, perfect for curious ears from 5 years old.

The podcast aims to titillate the poetic imagination of children and, ultimately, to make them curious about nature and the phenomena that take place in it, close to their homes.

Each episode lasts between six and ten minutes, perfect for a pre-sleep ritual with the family or during a car ride. Because it is primarily aimed at children, there is no advertising in the podcast.

Explore the other stories in the spirit universe

Au Bout du village is not the only story in the universe of Esprits… far from it!

Meet the spirits in The Storyteller, a sweet and poetic interactive storytelling game in development. It is currently available for testing to our contributors on Patreon. But you can already learn more about these stories …

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