The Storyteller

With the game The Storyteller, go with Omu to discover cute little creatures that seem to influence natural phenomena…

A game of poetic and soothing interactive tales for young and old adventurers, from 6 years old. Free and without advertising.

Under development.

A gentle initial experienceof digital technology

The Storyteller follows the adventures of Omu, a curious star who has taken on human form, as he discovers the Earth and its extraordinary nature.

For behind the changing colors of the leaves, the dance of sparks on the fire, or the shimmering water of the lakes, there are spirits, little toy creatures.

The Storyteller is an interactive storybook soon to be available on tablets and smartphones, aimed at all curious children, from six years old.

During each scene, the child is invited to perform an action or to click on a spirit or an object, thus advancing in our story of the day…

With this interactive story game, Omu invites the child and the whole family to a calm and poetic moment, inviting them to daydream but also to explore the thousand and one wonders hidden in our gardens.

Become a tester for the game

The Storyteller is under development. It is currently available as a test version to our dear contributors on Patreon. But keep an eye out: we regularly give access to our beta version to people who subscribe to our newsletter or via our social networks!

Because we dedicate our stories primarily to children, The Storyteller is not interrupted by any advertising. This is a major challenge for Esprits: to provide quality cultural content that adults can offer to their children without fear that the latter will come across an ad.

And since everyone should be able to access culture, The Storyteller and the podcast Au Bout du village are available for free: you can access them for free and you can choose how much you want to support the project and our work via Patreon, a platform that will also allow you to access a whole series of exclusive content.

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A podcastin the same universe

Want to immerse yourself in the world of Esprits while waiting for the release of The Storyteller? It’s possible! Meet Emilie, Nobu and other curious little beings in the heart of a wonderful forest.

Au Bout du village, a podcast in French and in 8 episodes, already available on all listening platforms.

From 5 years old.

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