Founded in 2020, Esprits Productions is an audiovisual production studio based in Liege. It aims to create cultural content that explores the world of spirits, invites to travel and explore nature but also to share a family moment around a virtuous digital. Esprits Productions is supported by the Walloon Region, ST’art and Cetrez Holding AB and works together with Camera-etc, Cetrez One AB and Eunoia Studio

Another use of digital technology

What if digital media – be it a game or a podcast – became the vehicle for a moment of sharing between children and adults? What if we created stories accessible via digital media, all linked together in the same universe, and which would be conducive to weaving links between generations about nature and travel? What if each of our stories were meaningful and could be a seed of hope for a better future?

With their previous experience at Abrakam Entertainment and their participation in the creation of Faeria – an interactive card game that has exceeded 500,000 downloads -, Adrien and Martin decided to create their own production studio in 2020 centered around the universe of Spirits – small creatures triggering natural phenomena – created by Adrien in 2016.

The stories conveyed through Esprits are intended to create another use of digital technology, going beyond the screen in front of which a child is placed. A thousand miles away from this practice, the game The Storyteller invites children to ask questions about the world they are discovering, notably through a specific narration: as in a traditional storybook, the texts are not read by a voice-over to ensure the presence of an adult with whom to share the story.

Children learning to read should be helped, creating a moment of sharing. The interest of the child is nevertheless kept by the interactivity of the application, which leaves him free to choose the actions to do and allows him to influence the continuation of the story.

In the same way, for the podcast Au bout du village, more complex vocabulary words are scattered throughout the narration so that they raise questions, without hindering the understanding of the story.

A transmedia storytelling

Following a transmedia strategy, Esprits’ productions all evolve in the same universe. Each story can be taken and understood separately. These different stories constitute as many points of entry into the universe. In addition to the narrative potential of transmedia, this allows us to reach different audiences and, ultimately, to reach a much larger community.

Currently, Esprits’ universe is declined with Omu’s peregrinations in The Storyteller, an interactive storytelling game, and Emilie’s adventures in Au bout du village, a podcast.

The immersive nature of The Storyteller and Au Bout du village deepens the narrative experience and encourages the audience to take ownership of it, especially in the game, where interactivity is the key to involving the player in the narrative continuity.

Esprits is also soon to be released as a short film and comic books. It is also a very soon expansion on the Anglo-Saxon market via bilingual French and English content.

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A simple and affordable access to culture, via a financing between participative and private

Esprits’ creations are primarily intended for children. That’s why we have chosen to make our stories as affordable as possible and to ban all advertising from our content. Affordable because everyone should have access to quality cultural content. Ad-free because we believe that these untimely ads are often inappropriate for the youngest.

Nevertheless, work means pay. To finance its artists, Esprits Productions is based on a double model: the participative via Patreon and a private and public financing. The latter already allows Esprits Productions to employ five people on a continuous basis through the support of ST’art, the Walloon Region and the investment of Cetrez Holding AB.

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With the financial support of the Rayonnement Wallonie grant, an initiative of the Walloon Government, operated by St’art.

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