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Why do leaves change color in autumn? Why do sparks leave the fire and fly to the stars?

The answer lies in a world where small, wacky creatures, the “spirits”, trigger natural phenomena.

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The Storyteller

Discover our interactive storytelling game The Storyteller and explore a new world with Omu. Follow him in his interactive tales, discover charming little spirits and, during a suspended moment, take a gentle look at the world.

From 6 years old.

A poetic univers

A positive use of digital technology

A wealth of adventure to share

What if digital media – whether it’s a game or a podcast – became the vehicle for a moment of sharing between children and adults?

Esprits Productions creates stories that are accessible via digital media, all linked together in the same universe, and that are conducive to weaving links between generations about nature and travel.

Each story is meaningful and is meant to be a seed of hope for a better future.

This is the challenge that Adrien Fernandez and Martin Pierlot set themselves when they created Esprits Productions.

Au Bout du village

One day, Emily goes to a forest from which no one has ever returned. Local legends speak of a tentacled monster but they are far, far from reality. With Au bout du village, a podcast in 8 episodes, dive into a wonderful unknown, filled with joyful and mischievous creatures.

From 5 years old. In French.

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